About Jaya Ramachandran

I am a non conformist at heart and believe that we all are born to live a life on our terms.

Although my academic education revolved around the Information Technology sector, I quickly realized that I was not born to work in a typical 9 to 5 job.

My dream had always been to own a business of my own and that led me to many experiments venturing on my own to building a software, trying to build an ecommerce company.

Eventually I went on to owning a restaurant, then onto owning a Real Estate company and Investing in apartments. However I was not able to reach the level of success that I had envisioned.

After a meltdown, I started turning my attention inward which led me to a complete transformation on how I looked at life and success.

All my varied experiences in business, my thirst to understand human behavior, trying to demystify the secrets of success all led me into the Coaching industry.

I am here to merely show you what you already know and who you are deep within.

If not for all my experiences and mistakes, I may not have learned to appreciate my strengths and uniqueness.

In fact we all have our own uniqueness and identity. When we learn to appreciate ourselves, be authentic to who we are deep within, we can create our destiny and live life on our own terms.

It all begins from You.

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